Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter

Minutes of May 10, 2000 Board Meeting

Present: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Bob Babich, Steve Brand, Allen Brown, Chet DeVore, Carole Eigner, Steve Haynes, Spike Harvey, Barry Humphrey, Jerry Ralph, Jerry Ringer, John Rozar, Brian Sexton, John Shacklett, Ted Tollner

Guests: Don Whitt from Cubic, and Mary Harrison, Mary Ann Dunwell, Bill Segui - Communities for Substance Abuse

Absent: George Bralla, George Brown, Bill Christopher, Brian Fogarty, Don Macek, Kevin

McGarry, Dennis McKnight, Mark Osman, Mike Riley, Steve Smith, Walt Zable

1. Chapter Chair Jerry Ringer welcomed everyone. The new NFF promotional video was shown.

2. Approval of the March 8th meeting minutes were approved.

3. Mary Harrison gave presentation asking board members to help this city-supported organization with volunteerism.

4. A review of the March 17th awards banquet was given by Jerry, Carole Eigner and Allen C. Brown. Everyone agreed it was the best banquet in the chapter's 28 year history. Record high 420 in attendance. Excellent selection of honorees. Facilities were super, as was the service and food.

Jerry noted that several people cancelled their reservations at the last minute. Some schools and individuals who made reservations did not pay. He explained the schools were billed, but some refused to pay their full amount.

Allen reported that the dinner, though not intended to make money, lost $5,616.52. The board suggested that in the future table ticket reservations must be canceled 72 hours before event or they will be billed for full amount.

Board also suggested we get more sponsors for the dinner. Need sponsors for tuxedo cleaning of $750 and dinners for honorees.

John Shacklett said he would get Coaches Association to donate $1,000 to dinners of honorees.It was further suggested that the local Coca-Cola company might be a sponsor.

Jerry reminded the board that our golf tournament's mission is twofold. One: to recruit membership, and two: to finance the awards dinner.

5. Sid Gillman E-BAY memorabilia sale. Jerry reported that chapter has 700 coach's videotapes and 13 autographed playbooks to go on E-BAY. He further said Don Whitt (from Cubic) is doing a super job helping the chapter. Both items will be on the Internet in May. Tapes are $20 each plus $3.00 shipping, and books are $300 each, plus $8.00 for shipping.

6. Coach Tollner of SDSU talked about his 2000 football team and discussed the financial condition of the athletic department.

a. The board decided that our chapter would host a night with the Aztecs for their opener on Sept. 9 with the University of Arizona. A flyer on the game will be sent to the membership in July of 2000.

7. Western Region Scholar-Athlete nomination for a trip to New York on Dec. 12 to attend National's Awards Banquet has been sent to each chapter by coordinator Bob Keropian. Bob has requested nomination forms be turned into him by July 1, 2000 with the student's high school transcripts through the completion of his senior year.

The board selected D. J. Buch as our candidate. His coach, Jerry Ralph, was asked to get transcripts to Jerry Ringer for the Buch nomination.

Chet DeVore asked that he be added to Bob's selection committee to provide the region with representation from the South. Current committee members come from the Northern California area.

The board also asked that in our letter of nomination, we ask that Bob and the selection committee not change the candidate's official GPA submitted by the school.

The board also agreed to provide Buch with a plaque from our chapter saying he was nominated for the regional award by our chapter.

8. Play It Smart Program - sponsored and supported by National and the NFL was outlined. Steve Haynes is heading the effort for the chapter.

Jerry asked that his office be kept up to speed on the program to gain as much publicity for the project and the chapter as possible.

9. Jerry Ringer and John Shacklett discussed the Football Foundation Coaches Certification Program relative to our chapter participation. Chapter and San Diego City schools working to get program going.

10. Ninth grade football and girls volleyball in city schools was discussed. Chapter will work to raise $120,000 per year in support of this effort. City schools have never had 9th grade football. NFF has given chapter a $2,500 grant as seed money. Jerry Ringer and John Shacklett are working on the program.

11. August 14 golf tournament was discussed. Chair Bob Babich said it will be at Singing Hills again. Working to get 200 players and use two courses. Will follow general format as in past years.

Letters of solicitation for tee prizes will be mailed to all professional teams and to all athletic directors of colleges and universities with an enrollment of more than 800 students. Most of the letters are out and some items have been received.

Golf invitations are in production for mailing in mid-June. A second reminder mailing will be sent out in mid-July. Invitations will include a sign-up card for sponsors.

Looking for sponsors again this year. The name of Drew Salisberg came up. Jerry Ringer asked that Bob set up a committee meeting soon.

12. Board agreed with Walt Zable's written request to send Jerry Ringer and his wife to New York for the Dec. 12 awards banquet. The board also agreed that Bob Babich and his wife attend. Bob already has airfare covered. Board set a budget of $4,000 for airfare, hotel, banquet and other transportation incidentals for Jerry.

13. Jerry advised the board that the following reports from National are available:

a. NFF financial report for year 1999 and first quarter of fiscal 2000 ending March 31.
b. Minutes from the April 19, 2000 National board meeting.

14. New Business:
a. Board agreed to again conduct the chapter's Game of the Week. Dr. Jeff Abrams and Steve Brand to head. Board agreed to purchase shoulder pads that go to participating teams. Cost was estimated at $70 per set. There are 20 teams for ten games.

b. Board agreed to purchase ten NCAA autographed footballs as event prizes. Will obtain signatures of celebrities and sell the balls. Cost $40 per football.

c. Jerry mentioned he was working with a local company called Indra Technology to raise funds for the chapter through his PR efforts.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


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