Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter

Minutes of October 19, 2000 Board Meeting

Present: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Steve Brand, Carole Eigner, Steve Haynes, Spike Harvey, Jerry Ringer, John Rozar

Guests: Mitch Burton, Granite Hills High; Don Whitt

Absent: Bob Babich, George Bralla, Allen C. Brown, George Brown, Bill Christopher, Chet DeVore, Brian Fogarty, Barry Humphrey, Don Macek, Kevin McGarry, Dennis McKnight, Mark Osman, Jerry Ralph, Mike Riley, Brian Sexton, John Shacklett, Steve Smith, Ted Tollner, Walter Zable.

  1. All members and guests were welcomed by Jerry Ringer.

  2. A review of the minutes from the board meeting on August 1, 2000 was conducted.
    Board asked that minutes be included in the chapter website, and that the site be included on all minutes.

  3. Financial results of the 2000 golf tournament were reviewed.

    1. Preliminary was given by Allen Brown who said that our chapter has not yet received the invoices from Singing Hills. Without them, the report has no practical use. We expect the invoices soon.

    2. The 2001 tournament has not been set yet, but the board will ask Bob Babich, the current chair, to head the event again.

    3. The board thanks Bob and the entire golf committee for a job well done.

    4. The board agreed that the chapter would hold back sending our membership money derived from the tournament to National at a later date. The board would like an answer to our chapter’s letter of January 2000 to Bob Casciola at National concerning the lack of management progress within the Western Region. Chair Ringer and the board also agreed that National’s response to the ticket issue for the August 27, 2000 Kick-Off Classic was poor and needs some additional attention by National.

      Board felt when membership figures for the Western Region decline and monies are not forthcoming to National for the membership of about 200, the chapter will get a call as to why. Then we can ask for changes. Walter Zable has asked the board to take this action for years in order to get management reform.

  4. Game of the Week MVP program.

    1. Chapter purchased four more sets of shoulder pads for Game of the Week Schools.

    2. The remaining two games are covered, program chair Dr. Jeff Abrams said.

  5. Play It Smart Program.

    1. Board member and academic coach Steve Haynes said program is going well at Kearny High.

    2. Ringer and Haynes will get together to map out publicity plans for the program.

  6. Ninth Grade Football - Jerry Ringer reported that the chapter will now work with the District’s PR chief David Smollar.

    1. Jerry will write a new plan to raise the $120,000 needed to fund the program to include women’s freshmen sports.

    2. Plan will be submitted to city school’s superintendent Alan Bersin for his review and subsequent blessing to proceed.

    3. Campaign is for the 2001 football season.

  7. Selection committee for the 2000-2001 scholar-athlete awards banquet set for March 16, will be headed by co-chairs Jeff Abrams and Steve Brand. Selection committee will consist of the following board members: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Steve Brand, Bill Christopher, Chet DeVore, and Brian Sexton.

    1. Carole Eigner will send nomination forms to all area high schools, colleges and universities that play football on Nov. 13.

    2. A special request of nomination for the Willie Jones Most Inspirational Award will also be sent at the same time.

    3. Selection committee will meet January 9, 2001 at the chapter’s office.
  1. Chapter membership was discussed as part of the golf tournament report. Chapter is the ninth largest unit in the country and the fourth largest in the Western Region. There are 110 chapters.

    Interesting note is that the top four chapters in the nation are affiliated with a University.

  2. Scholar-Athlete Regional Winners - Bob Keropian and his committee picked a lineman from the Northern California Chapter. Our chapter nominee, D.J. Busch, received a beautiful plaque from our chapter citing him as our chapter’s best in 2000.

  3. New Business:

    1. Jerry said he would write Sid Gillman a letter from the board saying 17 of his football playbooks went to Miami University of Ohio’s Cradle of Coach’s Museum on campus. His coaches videotapes will be distributed to area high school football programs, starting in May of 2001.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.


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