Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter
July 29, 1999

Present: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Bob Babich, Steve Brand, Allen C. Brown, Bill Christopher, Chet DeVore, Barry Humphrey, Brian Fogarty, Spike Harvey, Jerry Ringer, Steve Smith, Walt Zable and guest Steve Haynes.

Absent: Andy Anderson, George Brown, Carole Eigner, Sid Gillman, Don Macek, Kevin McGarry, Dennis McKnight, Mark Osman, Jerry Ralph, Brian Sexton, Ted Tollner.

1) Jerry Ringer welcomed everyone. Minutes from the July 1st meeting were reviewed and approved with the following action items.

a) Jeff Abrams reported that selection committee would meet again today. Would have revised selection process ready for board vote at next meeting.

b) The Oct. 9, 1999 night for Don Coryell still being worked with Jim Herrick at SDSU.

c) Leon Bender Memorial being worked - need to get dedication date from Jerry Ralph.

2) Review of August 16, 1999 golf tournament - Bob Babich chair

a) Committee assignment - Registration: Carole Eigner, Jeff Abrams, Brian Sexton, Allen C. Brown (credit card machine); Raffle tickets and mulligans: Chet DeVore, Spike Harvey; Raffle and auction: Barry Humphrey; Tee prizes: Rick Monette, Jerry Ringer and Jerry Ralph.

b) George Bralla has all signs, including registration.

c) Winner trophies have been ordered - Jerry Ringer

d) Tee prizes approved - Jerry Ringer asked if Hall of Fame name could be included with logo. Steve to check.

e) Jerry asked board to sign up for at least dinner to get membership dues paid.

f) Bob reported 36 foursomes to date or 144 players. Also has $3,600 in hole sponsors and two prospects at $1,500 each for overall sponsors.

3) MVP Program - Jeff Abrams

a) Ten games were picked by Steve Brand and Jeff Abrams. They are

Sept. 10 Mission Bay at Hoover (Jeff and Steve Brand)
Sept. 17 Poway at San Pasqual (Jerry Ringer)
Sept. 24 Helix at Grossmont (Allen C. Brown)
Oct. 1 Bonita Vista at Chula Vista (Chet)
Oct. 8 Monte Vista at West Hills (Allen C. Brown)
Oct. 16 USDHS vs. St. Augustine at Southwestern (Chet)
Oct. 23 Lincoln vs. Morse at Mesa College (Bob Babich and Steve Smith)
Oct. 29 Sweetwater at Eastlake (John Rozar)
Nov. 5 La Costa Canyon at Carlsbad (Brian Sexton)
Nov. 12 Rancho Buena Vista at Vista (Jerry Ringer and Jeff

b) George Bralla to make new sign for games - He needs logo art from Steve Haynes of Athletes for Action, and College Football Hall of Fame from Ringer, to complete new sign.

c) Steve Haynes showed the shoulder pads that the chapter will give to the MVP school and submitted invoice for 20 sets to Allen Brown.

d) Pads will be shipped to Bob Babich for distribution to the winning school’s AD.

e) Letterman MVP patches will be given out at the year end MVP dinner being held at Sammy’s Diner in Mission Valley.

f) Haynes is making arrangements for MVP dinner, transportation and game tickets to a Chargers game.

4) Coryell and White are new chapter Hall of Famers.

a) Jerry Ringer is still working with Jim Herrick at SDSU on the Oct. 9th event at the Q for Coryell and White.

b) Jerry and Walt Zable will attend ceremonies at Hall of Fame on Friday, Aug.13 for Coryell.

c) Bob Babich and Walt will attend dinner on Dec. 7 in New York for White.

d) Jerry said he sent letter to news media advising them of both the Coryell and White events. Will call Stan McNeal of U-T sports to see if they will cover. Will also call Hank Bauer of KFMB to cover Aug. 13 at Hall of Fame.

5) The year 2000 awards banquet will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in Mission Valley, March 17. Contract confirmed.

6) Jerry advised board that their nomination for Regional Chapter Leader was Bob Keropian. However, Joe Kearney was picked.

7) Will produce two chapter newsletters: one in the middle of Sept. and one in early Oct. to talk about MVP program, and an item on Athletes in Action.

8) There was no report on National from Walt Zable, because next board meeting is set for Aug. 13 at Hall of Fame. Will have report at next board meeting.

9) New Business:

a) Bob Babich read nice personalized note Bob Casciola sent to the board, reluctantly declining our invitation to play in this year’s golf tournament .

10) There was no other new business.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

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