Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter
May 12, 1999

Present: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Bob Babich, Steve Brand, George Brown, Chet DeVore, Carole Eigner, Brian Fogarty, Kevin McGarry, Jerry Ralph, Jerry Ringer, John Rozar, Steve Smith.

Absent: Andy Anderson, George Bralla, Allen Brown, Bill Christopher, Sid Gillman, Spike Harvey, Barry Humphrey, Don Macek, Dennis Mc-Knight, Mark Osman, Brian Sexton, Ted Tollner, Walt Zable.

1) Chairman Jerry Ringer welcomed everyone and reviewed the minutes from the March 25, 1999 meeting.

2) The minutes from the March 25 meeting were approved with the following changes:

a) Items 6A and B - Game of the Week costs of shoulder pads are too high. Bob Babich said he would follow up with the representatives from BIKE to reduce costs from $150 per set of pads to $44. Will bring reps from BIKE to next meeting. Jerry also said there was very poor coordination between pad supplier and chapter headquarters because there was little or no control of how and when pads were shipped to schools. Therefore, no credit was given to chapter.
New letterman jacket MVP patches are in production. Will make 20 patches for the months of September, October, November, and December, covering five years to get cost break.

b) Item 8 - Chapter fund-raiser via football camp. Jerry suggested that instead of a football camp for kids from Pop Warner to high school, that we take advantage of a new program from the NFF. That is a coaches clinic, which the NFF puts on free.
We could invite all football coaches in high schools and colleges to attend. Courses are not only X’s and O’s, but would also teach ethics, player motivation, dealing with parents and game officials, legal matters, etc. Suggest one-day clinic at $100 per student coach to be held first week in August. Aside from a certificate of completion, all course participants would be treated to lunch and watching a Chargers Practice. Suggest asking the Chargers new head coach, Mike Riley, if we could conduct our clinic in their offices. Will ask someone close to chapter to request their assistance.

3) Golf Tournament chair Bob Babich reviewed the August 16, 1999 event.

a) Solicitation letters to all major sports teams have been sent out asking for items to be used as raffle and auction prizes. Letters of solicitation also sent to all Division I, II and III colleges who have football programs, Carole Eigner reported.
Need to send a letter to Barron Hilton requesting a hotel room in Chicago for the USC vs Notre Dame game on October 16, 1999.

b) Auction Items - USC-ND trip - 4 day, 3 night round trip air, hotel suite at Hilton, two tickets to the College Football Hall of Fame and two game tickets. Starting bid at $1,500. Agreed not to buy airline tickets until after auction is over.
Want to add big screen TV set as additional special auction item. Special tickets $10. Steve Smith is researching TV set and price. Will report back

c) Tee prizes - Steve Smith is working that item. Will place order by June 1 with delivery by July 16. Will review tee prizes and costs prior to placing order.

d) Sponsors - Bob asked board to sell hole sponsors at $100 each. Overall sponsorship is $1,500. Sponsors will get plenty of recognition. Bob is working on major sponsors as we speak. It was suggested that a special sponsor card be included in players’ invitations.

e) Committee assignments – are as follows: Tee prizes and auction, Chair Bob and Steve Smith; USC/ND trip Jerry and Carole; signs, George Bralla; mulligan and raffle ticket sales, Spike Harvey; registration, Carole, Jeff, Barry, Bill; general assignment, Allen.

f) Invitations - first mailing June 10 with reminder sent August 1.

4) Review of March 5, 1999 awards banquet financials - Jerry Ringer reported not having received payments for dinner tables from San Diego High and Grossmont College. Steve Brand to follow up with SD High and Chet DeVore with college. Banquet loss of $361 this year when receivables are collected.

5) Review of April 23-25, 1999 NFF Western Region presidents’ conference by Jerry Ralph, Jerry and Carole, who attended event in Tempe.

a) Official minutes of the conference were distributed to the board. Jerry Ralph said conference very worthwhile for him. Regional pick for scholar-athlete will now be done by a committee. Carole concurred with Jerry’s feelings that the conference was well attended and worthwhile.

b) Jerry Ringer said he had hoped some kind of overall strategic plan would come out of the conference, but it didn’t. He said next time the conference is held, more board members should attend, and not him. He has attended too many now.

c) Jerry Ringer reported that our chapter has two nominees who will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame in August. Bob, Jerry Ringer and Don Macek said they would go to South Bend.

d) Ringer reported that the Hall of Fame had hired a PR firm to promote the museum under a five-year contract. It includes TV and radio sports at NCAA games. The PR firm gave the Hall some kind of guarantee, but details of guarantee were not clear. But Hall is working on better promotions. Hall is losing money and walk-in visitors. Total visitation is up because of teams who visit. Walt Zable said loss is $2 million per year.
Ringer said NFF is still a wonderful and very worthwhile endeavor, and that we should all be pleased to be a part of it.
Jeff Abrams asked what chapter members get out of joining NFF. Ringer to get Hall of Famers to vote, and associate with others interested in amateur football.
Steve Brand suggested we send questionnaire to members asking them what they would like from NFF and chapter.

e) Ringer announced that the NFF president reported that NFF National insurance policy does not cover chapters. NFF headquarters will look into matter of umbrella coverage for all. Ringer assured board we are insured.

6) National Coaches Association Convention to be here June 19-25, 1999.

a) Will ask board members to help as volunteers the evening of June 24 from 6 to 9p.m. NFF headquarters will send exhibit to Town and Country. Board voted to donate $200 to the association. Steve Brand said conference is worth supporting and does a lot of good. Board member Ted Tollner is a guest speaker.

7) Year 2000 Chapter Awards Banquet

a) Checking with Town and Country, as Marriott is not suitable for our needs. However, T & C is also not responsive as they want conventions there, not just dinners. Have meeting on June 8 with T & C banquet head.

b) Also looking at having banquet catered.

8) Induction of Coryell and White into Hall of Fame. Both were very pleased our chapter supported them. Induction ceremony is August 13-14, 1999 in South Bend.
Ceremonies at SDSU are October 9, 1999 during homecoming game. Jerry Ringer, John Rozar and Carole are working with Bernie Kish at the Hall and Jim Herick at SDSU for chapter participation.

9) Jerry reported that NFF National’s 1998 fiscal year and first quarter 1999 reports are available to board members.

10) New Business:

a) Treasurer’s report - Allen Brown was not there, thus no report.

b) Jeff Abrams suggested we ask Mike Riley, Chargers new head coach to join board. All agreed good idea. Jerry Ringer to write letter for Dr. Abrams to sign and send, as he knows the coach.

c) The board approved a one-time expenditure of $300+ to be used at the discretion of the chairman to recognize outstanding members.

11) Selection committee process review - Jeff Abrams.

a) Jeff said he will meet in June with committee to review procedures and process, reporting back at our next meeting. Jerry Ringer said 1999 had 32 honorees with 28 from high schools. Is that too many, Jerry asked?

12) Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

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