Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter
February 12, 1999

Present: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, George Bralla, Allen Brown, Chet DeVore, Carole Eigner, Spike Harvey, Kevin McGarry, Jerry Ralph, Jerry Ringer, John Rozar, Brian Sexton, Steve Smith

Absent: Andy Anderson, Bob Babich, Steve Brand, George Brown, Bill Christopher, Dan Dole, Brian Fogarty, Sid Gillman, Barry Humphrey, Don Macek, Dennis McKnight, Mark Osman, Ted Tollner, Walter Zable

1) Chair Jerry Ringer welcomed everyone and reviewed the minutes from the Nov. 20, 1998 meeting. The minutes were approved.

2) Plans for the 27th annual awards banquet set for March 5, 1999 were reviewed

  a) Thirty-two area high school, college and university scholar-athletes are to be honored. There are also six other awards. The Distinguished American; Adm. Tom Hamilton award; Al Couppee Chairmanís award; Coach of the Year award; Meritorious Coach; and the Willie Jones Most Inspirational award.

b) Program Status - Per Jerry Ringer, dinner program is in production and on schedule.

c) Sid Gillman - A banquet dedicated to Sid Gillman will be held. We will show a 3-minute tribute video at the banquet. A Proclamation from Mayor Golding will be presented; tuxes for honorees are in place; and the host school is Santana High

d) Event facilities are new. It is the Mission Valley Marriott; Jerry and Carole Eigner have the contract. George Bralla has signs and displays.

e) Publicity - A press conference with Willie Jones, Sr. and Rashard Cook and his family is set for Feb. 23. On March 1, press kits with bios and photo of each winner will be sent to all news media in San Diego.

f) Next yearís selection - Jeff Abrams made the suggestion that perhaps we should review selection process. Some leagues in the CIF are weaker than others and many good players do not get selected.

g) Banquet flyers and tickets have been sent to all chapter members. Letters also sent to winnerís families and schools.

h) Barry Humphrey, Allen Brown, and Carole Eigner will man the check-in tables.

3) Allen Brown gave treasurerís report, saying chapter is financially stable due to Cubicís continued support.

4) New Business:

  a) Jerry reminded everyone that the Western Regionís Presidents Conference is set for April 22-25 in Scottsdale, AZ. Walt Zable has invited board delegates to the meeting to go there via his company plane.

Allen Brown cancelled due to a prior commitment. Steve Smith or Jeff Abrams will take his place in the delegation.

b) Jerry reported that Cubic (not Walt Zable) is becoming more reluctant to support the chapter. Jerry will work to fix this growing situation.

c) Jerry Ralph turned in copy of the Leon Bender school plaque which the chaper will make into a memorial to Bender.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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