Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter

Minutes of November 20, 1998 Board Meeting


Present: Jeff Abrams, Steve Brand, Allen C. Brown, Chet DeVore, Carole Eigner, Spike Harvey, Barry Humphrey, Kevin McGarry, Mark Osman, Jerry Ralph, Jerry Ringer, John Rozar, Brian Sexton, Steve Smith, Walt Zable.

Absent: Dennis Ackerman, Andy Anderson, Bob Babich, George Bralla, George Brown, Bill Christopher, Dan Dole, Brian Fogarty, Sid Gillman, Don Macek, Dennis McKnight, Ted Tollner.

1) Chair, Jerry Ringer, welcomed everyone and reviewed the minutes of the September17, 1998 meeting for approval.

2) Minutes from the prior meeting were approved with the following corrections and action item. Under item #2, the DeAndre Douglas trust donation of $250 is to University City High. Chair Jerry to look into this matter, as he has not yet done so.

Jerry Ralph has not as yet gotten students to submit copy for Leon Bender $300 memorial at Santana High.

3) The 27th annual awards banquet set for Friday, March 5, 1999 at the Mission Valley Marriott was discussed by dinner co-chairs, Jerry Ringer and Carole Eigner. The following items were covered by the board.

a) The banquet has been moved after 20 plus years from the Town and County to the Mission Valley Marriott Hotel

b) Jeff Abrams will serve as scholar-athlete selection chair assisted by committee members: Dennis Ackerman, Steve Brand, Allen Brown, Bill Christopher, and Chet DeVore

Selection committee will meet Monday, Jan. 11, 1999 at noon at the NFF chapter headquarters.

c) Garyís Tux, after 10 years of free tux rentals, will now charge a $25 cleaning fee for each tux. Board okayed the $650 expense.

d) The board was informed each dinner will cost $22, including tax and tip. Board voted to provide each student winner with two hosted dinner tickets for his parents at a cost to the chapter of $1,144.

The board also voted to sell table sponsorships at $100 to offset the dinner and tux costs. Steve Smith volunteered to help with the solicitations via golf sponsors.

4) Award Nominations - Carole Eigner said nomination forms to all area CIF high schools, colleges and universities will be out by Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Dennis Ackerman, CIF co-chair, (prior to the meeting) agreed to do follow up calls to coaches to ensure nominations are made.

a) Coach and meritorious coach of the year, will be nominated and selected by the committee. Kevin McGarry nominated Damian Gonzalez of Army-Navy as 1998 coach of the year.

b) Rachard Cook of Morse High and USC was nominated for the Willie Jones Most Inspirational Trophy. He was suggested by Jerry Ringer. He is also a 1995 chapter scholar-athlete. Steve Brand suggested Ricky Williams, Heisman trophy candidate from Lincoln High and the University of Texas. Jerry to contact both candidates.

c) John Lynch has again been nominated as Distinguished American for his work in support of high school sports/football.

d) Bob Wilson, who donated $2.5 million to build the football stadium for Escondido, was nominated for the Tom Hamilton Award.

e) Chapter board member George Bralla will receive the Al Couppee award for his contribution to the success of the chapter.

5) Game of the Week/MVP - Jeff Abrams reported that next year schools will include better team matchups. He also said he would provide the names of all MVP winners to chapter headquarters ASAP, so we can recognize the winners.

Chapter thanked John Rozar and Brian Sexton for their multiple attendance at games. More board members need to support these programs, Jerry Ringer explained.

The board approved paying Riddell $1,600 for the shoulder pads the chapter provides to each football team that takes part in the program.

A better system of recognizing the chapterís contribution to the schools must be developed.

6) Financial report was given by Allen Brown. Suggestion to provide small scholarships from investment dividends was postponed until chapter has more money. Chapter is in good financial condition.

7) Nationalís sponsored Presidents Meeting is set for April 23, 24 and 25, 1999, and will be held in Tempe, Arizona. Jerry suggested the chapter host two delegates to the meeting while National will host one. Jerry suggested that he and his wife Shirley make up one delegation with Bob and Barbara Babich, Allen and Carol Brown, Carole Eigner and Rick Monette. Board voted to sponsor two delegations.

Jeff Abrams and Steve Smith volunteered to attend at their expense. Walter Zable agreed to provide air transportation via his airplane to and from the meeting.

8) Al Couppee $500 scholarship funds to SDSU and USD have been sent. Chapter will support the effort as long as it can afford to.

9) Chapter is sponsoring 1998 CIF football play-off games with funds in place and sent. Chapter will have 1/4 page recruitment ad in play-off program too, Jerry reported.

10) Jerry said the Dec. chapter newsletter was in production. Lead item will be to remind coaches to nominate a student athlete.

11) Report from National was given by Walt Zable. Discussion followed with the board voting to dedicate the upcoming 27th annual awards banquet to Sid Gillman for his life long contributions to football and his players.

a) Steve Brand suggested Jerry contact Bob Hoffman of Video Productions, or Mary Walters at 576-0046, who hosted Union-Tribune TV program on KUSI, that is dedicated to student-athletes.

Meeting adjourned.

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