Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter

Minutes of August 8, 1998 Board Meeting


Present: Bob Babich, Bill Christopher, Carole Eigner, Brian Fogarty, Spike Harvey, Mark Osman, Jerry Ralph, Jerry Ringer, Brian Sexton. Guest: John Rozar

Absent: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Andy Anderson, George Bralla, Steve Brand, Allen C. Brown, George Brown, Chet DeVore, Dan Dole, Sid Gillman, Barry Humphrey, Don Macek, Kevin McGarry, Dennis McKnight, Steve Smith, Ted Tollner, Walter Zable

1) The board was welcomed by Jerry Ringer and a review of the June 23, 1998 meeting minutes followed. Only open topic was item 5, selection of the 1998 regional scholar-athlete. Elizabeth Diers at National said the announcement will be made in September.

2) Financial condition of the chapter was reviewed in detail by Jerry in the absence of Allen Brown. Chapter is solvent. We received a check from National in the amount of $2,200 for new members from our 1997 golf tournament.

3) Bob Babich reviewed the Aug. 17, 1998 golf tournament as follows:

a) Raffle/auction prizes set and list prepared for ticket sales.

b) George Bralla is doing signs. There are about 60 hole sponsors now.

c) Beer/water - Coast Distributing agreed to provide both, but Singing Hills has a policy about others selling or distributing drinks or food. Chapter received $500 from Coast and Chuck Polinsky donated $1,000.

d) Winners trophies ordered, as were tee prizes.

Bob said he expects approximately 160 golfers and has already passed 144. Will have to turn down some who want to play.

4) MVP Program - Jeff Abrams and Steve Brand to do. Games selected that include the Sept. 12th contest between Escondido High and San Diego High which marks the 100th year of high school football in San Diego. Board agreed to purchase half page recruitment ad in game program for $400. Will cover as our game of the week and have a table to sign up new members at Escondido High. Working with Kelly Mitchell at 223-7234. Jerry will ask Jeff to recruit board members to cover game to pick MVP and man the chapter table.

5) Jerry reported that he attended the memorial for former chapter president Al Couppee. Will do a story on Al in the August newsletter. Asked board to change the name of the current Presidents Award to the Al Couppee Award, and treat as we do the Tom Hamilton Trophy. Jerry moved that the chapter issue a perpetual $1,000 annual scholarship in Al’s name to the University of Iowa’s Journalism school. Board asked instead that we have a $500 scholarship in Al’s name issued to USD and SDSU’s journalism schools each year for as long as the chapter can afford it. Jerry will talk to both schools and set up scholarships.

6) Western Region scholar-athlete of the year 1998 to be announced by National in September.

7) Walt Zable received an answer to his letter from the Honors Court chair Gene Corrigan in support of Don Coryell’s election into the Hall of Fame. Corrigan said Don will be selected.

8) New Business:

a) August newsletter will be out after golf tournament at which time our Web Site will be updated.

b) CIF made a request of chapter to financially help with football play-offs. Board tabled the matter and asked that Dennis Ackerman give a presentation for the board to consider.

c) Jerry Ralph asked the chapter to consider donating a memorial to Santana High/Washington State/ Oakland Raider football great Leon Bender who died recently. Jerry to get bid so the board can make a decision.

d) Jerry asked board if chapter should contribute to DeAndre Douglas trust fund for the University City High School graduate whose family died in a car crash after dropping him off at WSU where he is a freshman. Matter was tabled until next meeting.

e) National informed the chapter that because of our increased membership that the Valley Foundation Scholarship has gone from $1,000 in 1997 to $1,500 in 1998. As in the past years, the board voted to give that scholarship money to the recipient of the Willie Jones Memorial Trophy. Jerry will file paperwork with National.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15p.m.

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