Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter

Minutes of July 15, 1997 Board Meeting

Present: Dennis Ackerman, Bob Babich, Steve Brand, Art Brandman, Bill Christopher, Chet DeVore, Barry Humphrey, Jerry Ringer, Mark Osman, Steve Smith

Absent: Jeff Abrams, Andy Anderson, George Bralla, Allen Brown, George Brown, Dan Dole, Brian Fogarty, Sid Gillman, Spike Harvey, Don Macek, Dennis McKnight, Brian Sexton, Ted Tollner, Walt Zable

1) Jerry Ringer welcomed everyone. The minutes from the June 10 meeting were reviewed and approved with one correction. Item 3g., the name of U-T golf writer, R.R. Reimon, was spelled wrong.

2) Progress on the August 18, 1997 golf tournament was reviewed by Chair Bob Babich as follows:

a) Steve Smith said the windshirt tee prize the board picked was $22.90 each with our logo embroidered on the sleeve. There is an additional charge of $2 on each extra large shirt. The chapter will order a total of 200. The vendor wants 40 percent down with delivery on Aug. 8, 1997.

b) Bob reported that hole sponsorships at $100 each were going well; 16 sold so far. More than one sponsor per hole will be allowed.

c) The chapter solicited more than 50 of the areaís best companies asking them to be cart, greens, or over-all sponsors. Chapter has received no positive answers to the solicitation.

d) Assignments for the tournament were given out. Carole, Art Brandman, and Barry will man the check-in. Carole and Jerry will set up raffle and auction prizes, and find out how to notify raffle winners they have won without calling out all the numbers. Bob will do pairings. Jerry has trophies. This year there will be no third-place award. Will have first and second place plaques for low net and low gross.

Bob asked that board members work to sell hole sponsors, and asked each to play in the tournament or come for dinner, as that is how their membership is renewed. On course beer cart attendants have been arranged for by Bob, as have mulligan and raffle sales people.

e) USC/ND game and trip auction prize seems okay. George Bralla will donate game tickets. Hilton has provided hotel accommodations, and we will purchase airline tickets as well as a $100 gift certificate for dinner in the Sears Tower. Jerry to prepare letter spelling package to the winner.

Will also silent auction four of Sid Gillmanís autographed playbooks .

f) Will get Coach Coryell to autograph Aztec football helmet and get current SDSU coaches to sign football as silent auction items. Jerry to handle. Need to get raffle item from Chargers also.

g) Carole has list of raffle and auction prizes, of which there are about 40 items now.

h) Before getting tee prize, fee will have been paid from golfers and a membership application completed. Membership applications will not be given out without proof of payment. Need sign indicating ďregistration starts here.Ē

3) How to Watch Football program.

a) Bill and Brian have met to outline lesson plan for the course.

b) Jerry will do flyer - and other publicity.

Event is set for first week in September - Jerry asked Bill to provide him with lesson outline, so he can make videotape of each, or most lesson situations for the class.

4) Coryell/White Hall of Fame candidates. Jerry said he is making a flyer for both that will be sent via Walter Zable to the honors court, and by the chapter office to all western chapter members.

5) MVP Program - Jeff Abrams reported that he has called Mary B. of the Seau Foundation. They are not sure they want to support MVP program this year due to high cost of meals and staff time.

Since this meeting, Mary B. has contacted this office and confirmed Seau foundation will not participate this year. Time consuming and costly, Mary told Jerry.

First Game is Sept. 12, and Steven Brand provided a tentative game-of-the-week schedule. Jeff to work on procedure and plan for the program.

The following board members volunteered to cover games:

Chet DeVore, Sept 12; Mark Osman, Sept. 26; and Bill, the Nov. 14 game.

Board agreed chapter should invite winners to the banquet as our guests. Jerry reminded the board that if all went, that would mean 20 dinners at $30 each, or $600 plus the $1,200 the chapter is already contributing in equipment to the schools. Plus, do we then handle coaches and parents?

Chapter candidates for national recognition.

a) Nationalís Valley Foundation Scholarship. Board agreed chapter must provide national with candidates each year and to take advantage of this scholarship.

b) Chapters represented at Nationalís awards banquet in Dec. Jerry explained that every year for the past five, each region picks their outstanding scholar-athlete, and that young man is hosted by National at its awards banquet in New York City.

He explained that Eric Abrams, from this chapter, was selected as the Western Chapterís representative five years ago. Each year, chapters in the western region, send their nominee to Bob Keropian. In 1995, our chapterís candidate was Chad Hutchinson, who in high school was C.I.F. Co-player of the Year; first team Union-Tribune All County; All CIF QB; All League QB; a near 4.0 student, who in his senior year at Torrey Pines High, led his team to CIF championships in both football and baseball. Chad turned down $1.5 million from the Atlanta Braves to attend college. Yet he was not selected. Again, in 1997, we submitted a candidate, Matt Friedrichs. He is a 4.6 GPA student; CIF player of the year; all-league, and all-CIF.

Jerry asked Bob earlier this year why Chad was not picked in 1995. Bob said that in Chadís case, he had too many Bís in his college preparatory classes, and though his legal GPA was near 4.0, Bob judged that his B did not carry the weight with him, as did that yearís winnerís grades, though both had GPAís of nearly 4.0. Bob said that yearís winner had more ďAísĒ on his transcript.

Chet DeVore explained that Bob was not giving candidates full credit for weighted classes, but that he should, as the candidateís legal GPA is the one to be judged by.

The board asked Bob for a written policy of how a candidate is judged by all regions, and particularly how Bob selects the Western Chapterís winner. The reason being that all judging should be uniform in all regions, and that the weighted GPA in California is the personís legal and earned grade, and should not be judged in any other manner. If that were the case, Chadís All-County status and a near 4.0 GPA, would have been better than the winner in 1995, who was only all-city in Sacramento with a 4.0 GPA. Jerry said he would get clarification from Bob on two matters: a) Bobís criteria in writing of how a winner is selected in a competitive situation; and b) Is there a standard criteria used by NFF in its selection policies. If so, to get a copy of that policy.

7) New Business - Cost for banquet meals is going up $2 at Town and Country to $30 per dinner. Jerry asked the board if the chapter should underwrite this cost for parents and school officials, or charge them $30. Board said to charge $30. Carole said many parents she talked with could not afford $30.00, especially those with large families. Board agreed that if that were the case in her judgment, that $25 a dinner would be okay.

8) Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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