Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter

Minutes of June 10, 1997 Board Meeting

Present: Jeff Abrams, Dennis Ackerman, Bob Babich, Steve Brand, Art Brandman, Bill Christopher, Brian Fogarty, Spike Harvey, Jerry Ringer, Brian Sexton, Steve Smith, Ted Tollner, Walt Zable.

Absent: Andy Anderson, George Bralla, Allen Brown, George Brown, Chet DeVore, Dan Dole, Sid Gillman, Barry Humphrey, Don Macek, Kevin McGarry, Dennis McKnight, Mark Osman.

1) Everyone was welcomed by Jerry Ringer. The minutes of the April 16 meeting were reviewed. They were approved with one correction. Brian Fogarty had, in fact, responded to the Jan. 31, 1997 executive committee meeting minutes. Minutes said he did not.

a) The $750 Valley Foundation scholarship money was sent to 1996 Willie Jones Most Inspirational winner Ben Myers. Ben responded with a thank you note to the board. Introduction of guests was the next item. There were no guests present. Bob Babich reported on the August 18, 1997 golf tournament. Carole Eigner reported that the chapter now has collected 35 raffle and/or auction prizes. Bob read the list. The grand prize, the trip to USC vs Notre Dame auction prize, for the most part, is in hand. Have hotel for three nights via Hilton Hotels, two football game tickets, thanks to George Bralla. Jerry has written Southwest Airlines asking them to donate airfare for two to Chicago. Still need to get round-trip transportation from Chicago to N/D and tickets to Bulls or Black Hawks game.

b) Sid Gillman autographed playbooks and video. Jerry said he will be meeting with the coach to get his signature on ten books and pick up Bobby Ross Charger game tapes.

c) The invitation comp was reviewed by Bob and the board.

d) Barry Humphrey has additional mailing lists for Hall of Champions. Working on Sports Authority and others, too. Steve Smith said he would get lists of new car dealer associations.

e) Tee Prizes - Steve Smith showed sample of two windbreakers. Board picked a dark blue one at $21, each to include NFF logo embroidered on sleeve. Color of the windbreaker will be hunter green.

f) Sponsors and underwriters - Bob, Dan Dole and Steve Smith. Bob said he is not progressing on this as fast as he’d like. Jerry said he would give Bob a 1997 book of Lists that covers everyone’s company in all industries in San Diego, to pick sponsor candidates. Bob said he needs to ask Dan to lend a hand too.

g) Publicity - Bob said U-T golf writer, T. J. Reimers, just wants invitations when available. Will do story then. Will also do a second story as we get closer to Aug. 18. Chapter has reserved two rooms at Singing Hills for Aug. 18 for party goers. Confirmation #212009. Cost $92.65 per room.

4) MVP Program - Dr. Jeff Abrams said Seau Foundation has not decided what it wants to do yet. Will follow up. Board said should do the program with or without them. Brian said he talked with Mary B. and was told dinners for the MVP game teams at Seau’s were expensive and the foundation is thinking about the costs. Jeff said would have report next meeting.

5) How to Watch Football - chapter recruitment.

a) Each board member had an opportunity to review the plan. Brian Fogarty and Bill Christopher said they would get together and write a course outline and plan.

b) First week of September. Mail flyers in August when Chargers start to play exhibition games. Run ad in U-T as gets closer to September and Steve Brand suggested trying story in Currents section of U-T rather than Sports.

6) Executive Committee meeting. Jerry will set date. Committee amended and approved Jan. 31 minutes.

7) Newsletter - Jerry showed layout for chapter newsletter that would be published 8-10 times a year. Newsletter will go to chapter members, past honorees, area school officials, and possibly parents of recent honorees. Will also hook up to a WEB site for more visibility. Good timing since Hall of Fame will have PSA aired during half-time.

8) Ed White, Don Coryell - Hall of Fame. Jeff pointed out column in today’s U-T by Nick Canapa about College Hall of Fame not picking coach Coryell yet. Jerry said Coryell has been on the ballot for four years now, and that chapter would make promotional materials for the honors court. Walt Zable said he would get the information to the right people. Jerry received a call from Norm Presley about Ed being elected to Hall. Presley wants to help. Will add Fred Dryer’s name to our letterhead as new inductee. Ted Tollner said SDSU AD Rick Bay will go to New York with Dryer.

9) Coach Tollner gave board a briefing on the Aztecs 1997 football team. Said spring practice went well. Said there is a move afoot to reduce or eliminate contact during spring practice.

10) Walt Zable gave a report on National as he attended the April board meeting at headquarters in New York.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m


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